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Tritech T4 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

T4 Stand.png
T4 Stand.png

Tritech T4 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

1,195.00 1,310.00

The Tritech T4,T5,T7 and T9 are desinged and manufactured at our state of the art machiing facility in Union, New Jersey USA. innovations in design utilizing high quality unique materials and efficent manufacuturing processess result in a precision built airless sprayer and accessories that last longer than any other unit in their class. PMC(Precision Motor Control) precisely matches the motor output to the tip size you are using. this results in lower power consumption at all pressures giving you the versatility to work under most any job site conditions and apply a wider variety of materials resulting in a superior finish. this means you will get higher performance, less down time, more coatings sprayed at the end of the year and more satisfied customers. our manufacturing and engineering group has been in the airless industry for more than 25 years. Coupling precision manufacturing with engineering innovations results in a longer lasting higher quality product. Painting is a tough job with many demands on your time and ability. TriTech pumps are built tough to make sure they will work as hard as you do every day.

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  • MAX PRESSURE   3300 PSI / 226 BAR
  • MAX TIP SIZE   0.023
  • MAX GPM   0.57 (2.171pm
  • MOTOR HP   1.1 HP
  • WEIGHT   STAND   47LBS / 21.3KG          
  • HIGH CART   77LBS / 35KG            
  • LOW Cart   77LBS / 35KG